"Your bridge to China!"

Looking for a new experience or new career?

Want to change the pace of your work and lifestyle?

Looking for a new culture to explore and immerse yourself in?

Finished college, but not quite ready to jump into your Masters degree or the corporate world yet?

Well teaching in China might be just the thing for you!

But how to do it? We know from experience that the process of job-hunting and relocating to China can be quite stressful. The paperwork and language barrier are just a few of the many problems plaguing foreigners as they try and navigate this logistical conundrum.

We specialize in matching bright minds who are looking to take this plunge with employers in China. We will prepare our recruits to leave their home countries with the proper documents and expectations, making life adjusting to this new culture as smooth as possible!

Why Teach?

Competitive monthly salary (can range between £1,200 and £2,300)

Between £500 and £1,000 pounds flight allowance (depending on the employer)

Maximum 20 teaching hours per week

Housing allowance or accommodation provided by the company/school

Chinese medical and accident insurance

Reimbursed residence permit and medical check (obligatory)

Holiday allowance provided during school breaks

Why China?


Save Money

The salaries in China reflect the high demand for teachers. Combined with China's low cost of living, this allows teachers the opportunity to save quite a bit of money!



Teachers are given numerous long weekends and long school holidays (usually around 7 weeks in Summer and 5 weeks in Winter). Combined with sweet deals from Asia's budget airlines, this is a recipe to tick many exotic destinations off of the bucket list!


Learn Chinese

One can improve their marketability by learning the language with the most native speakers on earth!

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